Dog Handler Guard Security


For every business it is important to stay safe and secure in order to operate properly, without any interferences. Having security officers on the premise, either inside or outside your business is an excellent deterrent for potential criminal acts such as theft or vandalism. Static Guard Security Services can provide you with manned guarding services, during the day time, night time and weekends, as needed.

Whatever your desired schedule it, we can providing you with trained guards to protect your facilities and your business. Many of our customers have industrial buildings, office buildings, construction sites, shops that need a security guard to fend off any vandalism of theft attempt. Regular patrols of the premises, recording any unusual incident by trained and licensed security guards will provide the security for your business needs, in order to operate in optimum conditions.



Dog Handler Guard Security are proud to have professional and experienced employees staff within the company and are continuously striving to maintain a happy workforce. It is part of our standards that we are constantly aware of the welfare of our staff and we take staff concerns very seriously. The contentment and enthusiasm of our staff is reflected in the quality of services that are provided to the customer, which is of course our ultimate objective. We are pleased to have high team spirit amongst the workforce as well as loyalty and commitment which is rewarded by means of various recognition policies that are in place.


The advantage of these patrol services is their ability to detect intruders more efficiently than a static security officer.

We regularly undertake further training to advance the skills. We also use contingency training to make any necessary adjustments in methods, procedures and legislation that may impact the handler’s ability to carry out their role.
Before deployment actions, a risk assessment is carried out of the site to be guarded and its surrounds so that clients’ requirements can be identified.The materials and equipment used will be protected and any incident such as theft, health and safety and other types of incidents will be avoidable.



Our guards will be given proper security and risk assessment training on your site, will be properly equipped to protect your construction site. We know how hazardous a construction site can be and we take this task very seriously. Your construction site, be it small or a large-scale project will be in the right hands.

The success of your event relies on the quality and the training of the people working to make it a success. This also includes the security staff for the event, being it a concert, a party, a corporate event, a press conference. Our staff of professional guards can take care of any security incident or situation that needs their presence and expertise.


For every business it is important to stay safe and secure in order to operate properly, without any interferences.

Guard dogs used for security patrols are only dangerous when the handler needs them to be, and that is one powerful deterrent.

Trained dogs effective to guard against intruders and are under the constant control of their qualified handler.